Sunday, September 10, 2023
10:00am – 11:00am CEST

Join us in Vicenza, Italy in person or online


Sara Yood, Deputy General Counsel, Jewelers Vigilance Council (JVC)

Erika Andreotti, Partner, Studio Torta in Milan, Italy

Chiara Luzatto, Attorney, Studio Torta in Milan, Italy


Lisa Koenigsberg, President, Initiatives in Art and Culture.

As part of CIBJO’s Jewellery Industry Voices webinar and seminar series at VICENZAORO, IAC has co-organized “Defending what yours: Intellectual Property in the Jewellery Industry”. The live-streamed conversation will focus on the defense of intellectual property in the jewelry industry, both from a design and marketing perspective, and in particular consider how one acts when copyrights, patents, and trademarks are stolen or infringed upon. This seminar will be the second of a three-part series that CIBJO and IAC are organizing on IP protection. The first, which focused on the United States, took place in New York on July 18. The third will focus on Asia and take place in Jaipur, India, on October 4 during the upcoming 2023 CIBJO Congress.

The VICENZAORO panelists include Sara Yood, Deputy General Counsel at the Jewelers Vigilance Council (JVC), a New York-headquartered association providing legal expertise to the U.S. gem and jewelry industries, and Erika Andreotti and Chiara Luzatto, attorneys at Studio Torta in Milan, Italy, a firm advising Italian jewelry brands in matters related to IP. The moderator will be Lisa Koenigsberg, President of IAC.

Taking place in the Giotto B Room at the Vicenza Exposition Centre, the conversation can be viewed online; viewers will be able to link directly to the live feed on September 10, 2023, via the The Jewellery Golden Cloud on the VICENZAORO website at 10:00 AM CEST.