IAC’s Lisa Koenigsberg recently had the opportunity to be a guest on Sharon Berman’s (@artsandjewelry) Jewelry Journey podcast, “From Antique to Art.” Among the topics discussed were: what jewelry can tell us about the aesthetics and values of a particular era, why sustainability in the jewelry industry is essential and why the definition of “sustainable” is much broader than we might think, why maintaining purpose is the key to making our world and our creative work better, and why the term “ethical jewelry” is less about materials and more about our choices as consumers and makers.

Sharon Berman is managing principal of Berbay Marketing & Public Relations, specializing in working with professionals to create the visibility and credibility that fuel revenue growth. After 20 years of positioning lawyers and other trusted advisors as experts, Sharon launched Arts and Jewelry and expanded her scope to include professionals in the decorative arts and jewelry fields.

To listen to our discussion, Episode 188 Part 1: How Lisa Koenigsberg Is Pushing the Jewelry Industry Forward, Both Creatively & Ethically here.