Our Thanks to the Sponsors of the 27th Annual American Art Conference

We gratefully acknowledge funding from CollisArt LLC; Conner Rosenkranz; Debra Force Fine Art; D. Wigmore Fine Art; Gill & Lagodich; Graham Shay; Hawthorne Fine Art, LLC; Hollis Taggart Galleries; Kenneth R. Woodcock; The Louis and Lena Minkoff Foundation; Marty O’Brien; The Steven Alan Bennett Foundation, Susan Lueck, and anonymous donors, as well as support received from Bonham’s and ACA Galleries (as of November 30, 2022).

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Celebrating Nick Cave

Nick Cave deals with spectacle and responsibility in his installations and textile works, including his iconic Soundsuits, blending sculpture, costume design, and instrument-making. Learning to sew while repairing hand-me-downs from older siblings led to the first in his Soundsuit series: wearable assemblage fabric sculptures often made with found objects. Influences of African art traditions, armor, ceremonial dress, couture fashion, designed textiles, and stereotypically feminine objects

Celebrating Nick Cave2023-04-13T16:11:38-04:00
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