About IAC

An unshakeable commitment to art, material culture, and sustainability

IAC is a world-leader in cross-disciplinary exploration and advocacy of sustainability and responsible practice in general and, in particular, as they apply to the jewelry sector. Its highly successful 2020 webinar series, co-branded with the De Beers Group (DBG) and introduced to complement a live symposium run annually since 2011, drew a worldwide audience to engage with leading authorities from across the jewelry sector, from extraction to retail. IAC’s programs are unique in that they successfully straddle multiple divides: between the academic and the commercial, between NGOs (or governmental entities) and industry, and between the artistic and the undistinguished. This approach, informed by a deep commitment to visual culture, provides corporate sponsors with the opportunity to align with issues, ideas, and organizations of importance to them on a non-promotional platform. IAC’s extensive relationships across the sector allow it to recruit as presenters thought leaders from every constituency within the community.


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